The legacy of comedian Richard Pryor is one of triumphs and one of loss. He was known for his acute sense of topical humor, resulting in dedicated fans who resonated with his work. Unfortunately, comedy doesn't necessarily run in the family. Richard's son Mason will be making an appearance in Fox's Showtime at the Apollo. In a teaser clip we get to see the heir to the Pryor comedy throne perform on the renowned stage. It doesn't go as well as you'd think.

The 31-year-old's set was off to a great start when he paid homage to his father, "Man, I'm nervous. I could literally hear my dad up in heaven right now like 'Boy, you better not mess this up.'" When the comedian brought up Donald Trump the audience expected jokes that aligned with his father's brand of comedy. Unfortunately, his Trump-Putin phone call fell flat.

The crowd began to boo the young Pryor, with many on their feet showing their dissatisfaction. The comedian repeated, "sit down, sit down" until the video comes to a close. It's uncertain whether he bounces back from it or not. A small minority of the crowd insisted he keep going. We'll have to wait for the episode to air Thursday night to find out.

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