In celebration of Independence Day in America (July 4th), Adult Swim, in conjunction with Rick and Morty's creative staff, has released a series of tributary vignettes featuring the flagship characters from the animated series. The psychedelic clips seem to be conceived, in part, to keep the diehard Rick and Morty's sated while they await the commencement of Season 4 in November.

In one clip, a beer cap turns on its head to reveal Morty's face; whilst in the air, the cap becomes a sirloin steak, then undergoes a third transformation in a matter of moments: the insides of a deli-style hot dog ready for consumption.

The last time the show creators put their animated squadron to work as publicists, it was to announce the aforementioned 4th season coming to us in November. However, those visuals were far less engrossing than yesterday's posting.

As depicted in the following Insta post, Rick and his grandson break the fourth wall to share the news - behind a placid black screen. As always, Morty quibbles with his granddad with the same level of moral conviction as always, which in turn, 95% of the time results in Rick's novel concept winning over. Does the July 4th vignette add any interest to the upcoming season, hit us with your thoughts?