The fourth season of Rick and Morty couldn't come any sooner. The most popular adult cartoon in North America was renewed for 70 episodes by Adult Swim, which more than doubles the number of episodes available right now. I like to think that Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are somewhere in a basement right now constructing the crudest jokes of all time. 

Adult Swim posted a new Rick and Morty teaser on Twitter on Tuesday, and the internet is going wild with speculation. The teaser doesn't distinctly implicate the fourth season, and it could just be another obscure Adult Swim commercial. Still, all 15 seconds of the teaser are amazing. Rick and Morty get an anime/superhero makeover with Rick transformed into Cyclops and Morty converted into a One Punch Man looking character. Morty sports the monster arm we saw him use to wreak havoc in “Rickmancing the Stone," while Summer and Beth make an appearance as gun-wielding femme fatales. Squanchy also appears as an X-Men Beast rendition, while Rick breaks out the artillery to deal with a weaponized Snuffles. The trailer ends with a silhouetted shot of all the heroes, which looks like a nod to the original Star Wars poster where Luke holds his lightsaber triumphantly in the air.