Adult Swim's most popular cartoon series is being turned into a new board game. USAopoly, a board game distributor and licensor, is teaming up with Rick & Morty for a special edition of the classic board game Operation. For those who watch Rick & Morty, the style of the new board will be instantly familiar. A dead homeless man wearing a Santa hat sits naked on the game board, and players must dissect game pieces without hitting the edges to win. 

The homeless Santa comes straight from the Rick & Morty episode "Anatomy Park." In the hilarious episode, Rick and Morty shrink down to miniature size to invade Ruben's body and find what is causing him to die. Rick's brilliant, yet fatal, plan to turn the homeless man's insides into an amusement park causes a chain of events that leads to hilarity and disgust. Operation aims to bring both of those emotions to their latest special edition board game. 

The game uses amusement park illness-themed attractions, such as the Cerebral Cortex Carousel, the Haunted Liver, or the Pirates of the Pancreas. Players must remove the attractions from the body in order to win. You can buy the special edition Operation game on Amazon for $30.