At the start of 2021, things took a turn for the worst for Subway, as a shocking lawsuit filed in Northern California accused the restaurant of misleading customers with its popular tuna sandwich. The suit alleges that instead of using real tuna, the restaurant packs its tuna sandwiches with "a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna." Subway was quick to refute those claims, and in January, the company blasted the person behind the lawsuit for threatening the livelihoods of franchisees.

Months later, however, it looks like there is actually something really fishy going on with tuna used at various Northern California Subways. The New York Times recently published a which revealed that their independent lab tests also found that Subway's tuna may not be what customers think it is.

A tuna sandwich from Subway is displayed on June 22, 2021 in San Anselmo, California. A recent lab analysis of tuna used in Subway sandwiches commissioned by the New York Times did not reveal any tuna DNA in samples taken from Subway tuna sandwiches. The lab was unable to pinpoint a species in the tuna samples from three Los Angeles area Subway sandwich shops.
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According to Complex, the New York Times submitted "60 inches worth of Subway tuna sandwiches" from three separate Los Angeles locations for lab analysis, and in the results, there wasn't any amplifiable tuna DNA. While many skeptics have jumped to the conclusion that Subway has been serving fake tuna, the report does admit that heavy processing could have thrown off the results.

Regardless, rappers, producers, and celebrities alike have taken the opportunity to react to Subway's tuna sandwich essentially being exposed. Rick Ross slammed the sandwich restaurant's lack of transparency and promoted Wing Stop's new offshoot Thigh Stop. "Wow! @thighstop winning," the Port of Miami 2 wrote under Complex's Instagram post about Subway. "@subway our lemon pepper is lemon pepper."

Screenshot of Rick Ross Instagram Comments 6/23/21
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Screenshot of Pi'erre Bourne Instagram comment 6/23/21
Pi'erre Bourne/Instagram
Screenshot of Ben Baller's Instagram comments 6/23/21
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Other public figures like Pi'erre Bourne and Ben Baller also took a moment to react to the unbelievable news. "Wtf have I been eating bruh," the Life of Pi'erre 5 artist wrote. Ben Baller echoed the producer's sentiment saying "I've eaten at least 100 of those subs. So what the hell is in it then?"

Stay tuned to see if Subway steps up once again to combat the claims made against its now-infamous tuna sandwich.