Rick Ross and his baby mother Tia Kemp have been mired in a war of words for some time now. The general sentiment coming out of Kemp's corner is that Ross has been an absentee parent. Ross on the other hand is suspicious of her motives,saying on the record he believes she is solely after child support. Her latest attestation took place on Instagram Live where she took the argument in a slightly different direction.

Tia challenged Rick Ross to "call his son," more than once. She even urged him to be a better example to young men across the board, citing the direction he's taken since his recovery as disappointing. Kemp recalled an email sent to her containing Rick Ross' new single "Green Gucci Suit. Outside of her normal reaction of repugnance regarding anything "Rick Ross," she did feel the song was rather immodest for someone who should be thankful for gripping on for dear life.

Over the course of her IG session, Kemp made several invocations of her faith, which helped further her cause. Rick Ross then opened up his own IG session in which he reacted directly to those claims by insisting she get more involved in church life, his rationale: it would give her greater sense of purpose. Rick Ross also urged her to get on with her life and "move past him." He ultimately chose not to respond to claims he was a negligible father, having spoken his piece on the subject sometime before.