It should have been obvious when 50 Cent released a song called "Blood Hound" that the man is relentless and will stop at nothing to pursue his aims. Rick Ross has come to understand that quite well, having been swept into Fif's ongoing lawsuit against his former attorneys. For those unaware, 50 previously engaged in a heated feud with Rick Ross that eventually transitioned from music to online antagonism.

50 attempted to go for the jugular by posting a sex tape of Rick Ross' ex-girlfriend slash baby mama Lastonia Leviston, complete with a commentary track. Leviston did not take kindly to being used as a pawn in the petty feud, and in such a degrading fashion at that. She moved to strike back at 50, suing him for $5 million and willing the case. Fif filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter and is currently in the process of suing his former attorneys for negligence. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Though Ross is partly the reason this whole mess intensified to begin with, it would appear that 50 is seeking--albeit forcefully--his cooperation. As the main foundation of the lawsuit accuses the ex-lawyers of failing to secure testimony from Ross, Fif has been hellbent on bringing his old foe into the fold. Renzel has been elusive to be sure, but eventually, a deposition was scheduled for today. That is until Ross caught a break due to the chaotic state of global affairs.

As of now, a judge has officially ordered the deposition to be delayed by at least a month, with the process being done through video communication. Neither party has spoken openly about the process and it's likely to remain that way. Still, it's easy to imagine 50's frustration at this latest development. Should the judge rule in his favor, it could prove rather lucrative for the businessman -- possibly to the tune of $32 million. Keep an eye out for any new developments surrounding the case.