Boxing has always been an incredibly popular sport although there is no denying that it is at the top of people's minds these days thanks to the uptick in celebrity vanity fights. For instance, Jake Paul's deep dive into the world of boxing has been incredibly polarizing, although it has more people interested in the sport than ever before. Not to mention, Mike Tyson's recent comeback brought back old fans who hadn't been engaged in the sport for years.

With boxing continuing its upwards trajectory, more and more people are starting to practice the sport, and it's certainly been fun to see. One of the people who has been giving boxing their all as of late is none other than legendary rapper Rick RossRoss has been working hard in the gym and boxing has been a huge part of his routine.

Rick Ross

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In the video posted by Akademiks below, Ross can be seen delivering some pretty exceptional punches. He seems to be in great shape and based on the clip below, one could make the argument that Ross should make a go of the celebrity boxing circuit. After all, it would probably bring in a whole lot of money, and millions of people would definitely want to see it.

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