Following Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, there has been a debate surrounding Jimmy Butler and whether or not he should have taken that shot with under 30 seconds to go. Instead of going for two points, Butler opted to go for three which could have won his Heat the game. Some people are saying that this was a bad shot, while others believe that Butler was right in taking a chance like that.

Miami Heat superfan Rick Ross has been praising Butler all season long, and recently, he took to social media to give fans some perspective on the shot. As you can see below, Ross believes the shot was justified, especially since Butler would have been praised by everyone had he made it.

Jimmy Butler

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

"I wanna make this clear," Ross began. "That was a great shot Jimmy Butler took. Cuz all you dick riders would have been on his dick as soon as he made it."

Ross makes a good point as the conversation surrounding certain players is always based around whether or not they got it done in the big moments. Had Butler made that shot, the discourse would be about the Boston Celtics and how they blew the game away.

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