Rick Ross and 50 Cent haven't gotten along in years, bringing their differences to court in a longstanding legal battle. As their war wages on, it looks as though both sides are open to ending the beef.

With his show BMF ready to premiere on STARZ in the near future, 50 Cent wants to secure Rick Ross' "BMF" anthem for the series, which makes sense. Apparently, they're looking to commence discussions and Rozay has already outlined what he wants in return for his clearance of the song.

During last week's interview with Billboard, Rick Ross said that he wants to see a boost in his chicken wing sales and, in return, he'll grant Fiddy permission to use the song.

"That's most definitely a discussion I need to have," he said about allowing his record to be played on BMF. "You know, he reaching out and I'ma profit off him. That's what it's about with me. I told him that. He could go to Wingstop and take a picture with a 10-piece Lemon Pepper and while you at it, take a picture with a Black bottle [of Belaire] and if he do that and post that, I’ma really consider clearing the ‘BMF’ record for his show. Shoutout to Southwest T. So I would love to see the brothers shine, it’s not about Curtis Jackson at all."

He goes on to set the rules, marking a maturation in his character by allowing their feud to slide by.

"Tell him to take the picture with the Belaire bottle, hold it up and hold it up high. When I see it, tell him for the first time, I’m gonna come to his page and actually like the pic," he said.

Do you think it'll happen?