Back in November, Rick Ross appealed the judge's decision to dismiss his lawsuit against duo LMFAO for interpolating "Hustlin'" in their song "Party Rock Anthem." The case was originally filed in 2014 and was dismissed in 2016. Now, reports are claiming that the courts are reviving Rick Ross' case against LMFAO following his appeal.

A new report from Hollywood Reporter says the court has revived his lawsuit against the "Party Rock" group. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said Rick Ross and his producers shouldn't be held back from going for the copyright infringement case because of an error in a registration process. They said "he Appellants were erroneously 'hustled' out of court, and now deserve to be heard on the merits." The mistakes that arose on the copyright registration aren't enough to completely invalidate Ross' case.

The court document recognizes the fact that LMFAO never argued that Ross' wasn't the author of "Hustlin'"

"Rappers are skilled in poetry and rhythm — not necessarily in proper copyright registration procedures," it says in the court document. 

During the initial case, the judge handling it said that the average listener wouldn't be able to pick up the similarities between Ross' "Hustlin" and LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem."

Thankfully, Rick Ross is getting another chance at receiving justice for something that was obviously bitten from his famed song.

Aside from his lawsuit, the Boss recently launched his own line of luxury hair and beard brands. On top of that, he also dropped a collaborative MMG x Ewing sneaker. The hustle don't stop for Rozay.

Check the court docs below: