Developments in Rick Ross' health scare are affluent as yesterday, the 911 call that saved Ross' life surfaced. Today, TMZ has learned that a similar emergency occurred in the rapper's home just two months prior to the scare, with fatal circumstances. Information has been released showing that Black Bo, Rick Ross' manager, passed away at Rozay's residence on December 8 after he was found unresponsive, lying on his back in a bathroom. The details are eerily similar to The Bawse's own symptoms, minus the deeply unfortunate fatal ending for Black. 

TMZ writes that Black was pronounced dead shortly after fire rescue arrived on the scene, noting that there was vomit in the toilet. Black's friends had attempted to reach him by phone and after there was no answer, they went into the bathroom to find him not breathing. If you recall, Ross was found "slobbing from the mouth" during his health crisis prior to being rushed to the hospital. Rozay pulled through his hospitalization, posting on Instagram yesterday that he is grateful to be home.

Ross' manager was out late with the Miami legend and friends, making their way back to the residence after 5:00 AM. The official cause of death was a clogging of the arteries. Black Bo was 45 at the time of his death.