It's been a good week for Rick Ross. Though it's been years since his feud with 50 Cent erupted into the public, it's been dragged on through court cases and social media antics in recent years. Last week, the judge upheld their decision in 50 Cent's "In Da Club" case in favor of Rick Ross. Of course, Rozay wasn't going to take the win silently but has been antagonizing Fif over the course of the past week.

Now, Rozay's dragging Lloyd Banks into the drama. The rapper took to his Instagram Story where he lit up a joint while he bumped "I'm So Fly" by Lloyd Banks. He tagged 50 Cent on the post to ensure the G-Unit boss saw his story. 

"Banks is fresh out the gutter/ Two scoops of butter," Ross rapped along before he posed a few questions for Banks. "Banks, you still got some money? Show us what you livin' like," he said. "If you ain't got no money, I'll give you five grand for the Banks name. That might be one of my aliases -- Dank Sinatra," he continued.

Shortly after, he put his homeboy on blast who wrongfully claimed in Ross' presence that he never stopped being a fan of Lloyd Banks. Understandable. Banks is the PLK after all. "I came up with a dope title for Lloyd Banks next LP. Or EP," he said. "Victim Of Circumstance."

Despite the shots fired, fans quickly reminded Ross that he never replied to Lloyd Banks' "Officer Down." Will we get part 2?

Check the clip below.