Yesterday, Kanye West came through with perhaps his wildest tweet in a minute: "McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant." For one, is McDonald's truly a "restaurant?" On that note, what makes a restaurant in the first place? Next time your significant other requests a "restaurant" night, consider a romantic McChicken for two. In any case, Ye's proclamation was met with a (MC)flurry of commentary from his followers, including former collaborator Rick Ross. The boss, who has been markedly absent from the public eye, wasted little opportunity to flex his promotional chops.

"Ye, know you going thru alot,but these #lemonpepper wings from #wingstop GONE GET CHU RITE," writes Rozay, advising his "Devil In A New Dress" companion. Of course, Ross' vested interest in WINGSTOP makes his recommendation somewhat biased, but who can truly decline the call of lemon-pepper chicken wings, save for Styles P and fellow grazers? 

Peep the exchange below. Though it's nice to see Rick Ross once again interact with fellow musicians, it's been far too long since we've heard a cohesive musical message from the Boss. "Hard Piano" was a decent tideover, but like the fast food Kanye so covets, it ultimately served to whet our collective appetites.