Rick Ross' new memoir, Hurricanes, hit the shelves of bookstores today and, as is usually the case when memoirs release, intimate stories about its subject were revealed. Ross has been incredibly open about his life recently while doing interviews to promote his new album, Port Of Miami 2. He has been radiating charisma and overflowing with stories to share, which he has credited to the near-death experiences of seizures.  

Last year, Rozay repeatedly made headlines for suffering health complications and fans anxiously prayed that he'd be okay. In March 2018, he was found unresponsive in his Miami home, and reported to have been "slobbing from the mouth" and "breathing heavily". In Hurricanes, Ross provides more details about this terrifying night. 

The Miami rapper has been vocal about excessive codeine use being linked to his seizures, but in the book he mentions that he was also under the influence of alcohol and other drugs on the night of his worst seizure. The most shocking aspect of this story may be that his seizure had been so severe that he defecated on himself while in bed with a woman, but still refused to go to the hospital when his friends tried to call an ambulance. When Ross later started coughing up blood in the shower, he put his pride aside and sought professional help. 

Read an excerpt from Hurricanes describing this incident below. 

"I’d caught a cold the day before and had a bad cough. I’d been taking DayQuil and using Vicks VapoRub all day," Ross says in the book. "When I went to bed that night I had a seizure. But I didn’t come out of it the way I usually do. My breathing was all fucked up. At around 3:30 in the morning the girl I was with went downstairs and told Tomcat I had shit myself and was foaming at the mouth."