Rick Ross' luxurious estate, known in some circles as Renzel Manor, is certainly impressive to behold. Boasting a sprawling size of fifty-four thousand square feet, not to mention an aesthetic that exemplifies wealth, it's no surprise that many film crew location scouts have already reached out to the boss with inquiring minds. In fact, a report from this past January suggests that Renzel charged one studio a little under three million dollars to film on his property.

Rick Ross

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Before that, Ross lent his mansion to the crew filming Eddie Murphy's anticipated Coming 2 America, and the rapper recently took a moment to reflect on his experience working on the sequel of his longtime favorite. "Unbelievable experience for me," captions Ross, sharing a CNN report that documented his experience facilitating the Coming 2 America shoot. "Never would imagine my favorite film sequel being shot @ my crib,feel me? Watching Akeem and Semi behind the scenes as I sip @originalbumbu. I can’t wait to see the film. Another Classic. My only question is, did my cameo make the cut?"

Given his involvement in the film, many of his fellow emcees came through to show some love to the notable money move. Royce Da 5'9", E-40, and Berner all hit the comments section to show some support. Clearly, excitement for the Eddie Murphy-led sequel is at an all-time high, and from the sound of it Renzel's estate made the realization of Zamunda a reality. "His house is so big, we literally were able to dress it and make it look like a palace," explained Murphy, a quote lifted from the aforementioned CNN article. "That stuff you see where I'm walking on the African plain and there's antelopes running — that's Rick Ross's backyard. He has like 300 acres or something."

Check out Renzel's reflections below, and look for Coming 2 America this coming Friday, March 5th.