Rick Ross and Kanye West have worked together on numerous occasions. While Ye's lent his talents to Rozay and vice verse, they've come through with some memorable moments in hip hop. However, one moment that stands out particularly is Ross' contribution to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with his verse on "Devil In A New Dress." A verse that will go down as one of Rick Ross' best guest verses to date. 

Rick Ross recently sat down with Complex News at ComplexCon where he divulged on a bit of unknown information surrounding one of his best verses to date. The rapper already spoke on the panel at the convention about his experience working with Kanye but he went into a bit more detail about the process. Working with Kanye was a unique experience for Ross. He said Kanye allowed so many different creative minds and individuals into one room to help create the album. However, he does note that Kanye's standard helped him create some of his best work to date with his verse on "Devil In A New Dress."

"When I recorded that verse for the first time, he came in, heard it and he told me he thought I could do better and he walked out," he said, "And then I wrote another one and the second verse I wrote is the one you hear on the album which a lot of people consider one of Rozay best verses. Shout out to Yeezy."

He said afterwards that he never really re-writes his verse for anyone and he was kind of caught off guard by Kanye's request.

"No one has ever asked Renzel to re-do a verse," he said, "I wasn't offended because I knew he was sincere and I just said, 'You know what?... I know it's new for me but I'mma take this as you know, a big brother pushing me to go to another height.'"

It sounds like something Kanye would do in the first place. However, if it weren't for 'Ye pushing all the artists on his album to their fullest potential, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy may have not been as great as it is.

Check the interview below: