Rick Ross has been entangled in a legal battle against the mother of his children, Briana Camille, for the last several months but it looks like they're planning to settle things amicably. 

In the latest update, it has been reported that Ross and Camille will settle outside of court, hammering out the details amongst themselves so as to not get a judge involved.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Camille's lawyers reportedly filed a motion for their court hearing to be rescheduled to allow both parties more time to get everything in order. Something was originally set up this week for the former couple to get child support payments and paternity in order but it looks like they've communicated privately and are willing to settle out of court.

Among the things that were going to be brought up in court are parenting time, monthly financial compensation, Camille's use of a car that Ross claims is company property, and more.

A judge has not yet granted them an extra month. 

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In other Rick Ross-related news, the rapper recently joked about August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith's relationship entanglement, predicting that the singer will release an album based on the dramatic aftermath of his reveal.

Previously in his legal matters, he had refused to take a coronavirus test, which his baby mama demanded, in order to go see his young children Berkeley and Billion.