Rick Ross recently chopped it up with his good buddy Jay Leno, taking the trip down to Burbank to check out the late-night legend's incredible garage. Based on the footage he uploaded to his Instagram page, Renzel appeared particularly taken with Leno's F1 McLaren, valued at the staggering price of $15 million. 

As it happens, Ross will be showcasing his own prized vehicular possession, the '57 Renzel, during an upcoming episode of Leno's Garage. "I got to ride thru Cali hills top down, windows up talking classic rides with the Legend today," captioned Ross, alongside a BTS picture of their link-up. "Cool shit huh..episode coming stay tuned!!!"

Today, Rozay took a moment to double down on his Jay Leno bromance, once again taking to Instagram to show some love to his fellow automobile aficionado, sharing a bit of entrepreneurial advice in the process. "We both collect cars," captions Rozay, alongside a picture of the unexpected pals. "We both love @officialbelaire ...BELAIRE BLEU hand-delivered to my dear friend Jay Leno @jaylenosgarage. the power of networking and building new relationships is priceless."

It's unclear as to whether Leno and Renzel shared a drink following their recent link-up, but we can assume that at least some Belaire Bleu was consumed by the two heavyweight moguls. It should be interesting to see their dynamic in action when Leno's Garage eventually airs. Check back for more news on that front, and stay tuned for Rozay's upcoming studio album Richer Than I've Ever Been -- the question is, will Leno come through to lay down a skit or two?