Rick Ross has a new lady in his life. As reported by Bossip, he was spotted on vacation in St. Barths with Dej Gabrielle. Actually, I don't know if spotted is the right word, since it wasn't paparazzi that snapped a pic of them - one of Dej's family members shared it. 

Dej's mother, Alisa Maria, posted a group photo from the Caribbean island on Instagram. The shot shows the mother and her two daughters, each coupled with their significant others. Rozay has a huge smile on his face as his arms are wrapped around Dej. Dej's sister, Milan, appears to be dating Ross' MMG affiliate, Slab. 

While Dej hasn't shared any photos with the Florida rapper on her own IG page yet, she offered some confirmation that they are dating. After OnSite! reposted Alisa's pic of the St Barths crew, Dej direct messaged them to validate their claim that she is in fact "might comfy" in Ross' arms. Dej also indirectly hinted at her relationship status when endorsing Ross' Belaire Rose on her IG Story, which they drank at a beach bar on their vacation. The piece of evidence that really closed the case is that when Dej captioned her photo, "The type to steal your heart", The Boss commented "Thief." 

Around the release of Port Of Miami 2 in September, Ross was photographed grabbing a handful of his baby mama Briana Camille's booty