People got a good laugh on Saturday night (Dec. 14) from FKA twigs blocking Rico Nasty on Instagram, but Rico did not. The cause for this blocking appeared to be Rico going on shitposting spree. Interspersed between videos promoting her new single, "Hard", Rico shared a bunch of memes. Although the memes were actually quite funny, FKA twigs may not have appreciated them. "Why did FKA twigs block me on Instagram," Rico desperately asked her Twitter followers. 

The rapper offered an explanation for why the ever-elegantly-dressed twigs would do such a thing. "Twigs just called me and said it's because I wear crocs," she said before clarifying that this was just a joke. Rico never heard from twigs, but she still encouraged her fans to get her unblocked. After twigs slayed us with her MAGDALENE album and its accompanying theatrics this year, the thought of being a bother to her would be unbearable for anyone. After accepting their mission, Rico's fans slid in twigs' DMs and popped up in her comments to implore her to unblock Miss Rico Nasty. However, Rico was not pleased with this pestering. "That's not how u fucking ask ! Y'all are about to make this worse . Just say #RicoLovesU #PlzUnblock," she tweeted. That being said, if you wish to support the cause, make sure to be polite when addressing FKA twigs. 

Due to Rico's slightly erratic social media activity, some followers believed she was hacked. However, today, she clarified that she was not and she "just wanna post whatever [she] want now." Why this change, you may ask? "Because everything in this society is a lie !" Read Rico's full statement below.