Charlotte-born rapper DaBaby has become quite the viral sensation since he emerged as the hottest new artist in the game a few years ago. After working hard for years on the underground, the 29-year-old's unmistakeable flow was finally picked up by the mainstream, blowing up with the success of his single "Suge". A superstar career followed and now, DaBaby can't go anywhere without being recognized by his fans.

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The young rapper is beloved across the nation and, sometimes, he ends up becoming a trending topic on social media for no reason at all. Such was the case this week when "#DaBaby" started picking up attention on Twitter. Following a week's worth of absurd videos being uploaded to TikTok about DaBaby, in which fans show off their iPhone screens, which have been customized to feature solely the Baby On Baby album cover as each app icon, the trend has seemingly moved over to other mediums. Picking up worldwide attention on Monday night, the hashtag was filled with nonsensical videos and photos-- some of which are included below.

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DaBaby recently performed at the Grammy Awards last weekend, speaking about his perceived feud with teenage star JoJo Siwa. According to the rapper, he actually invited Siwa to perform with him at the event, but she turned him down as she is currently filming content.

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