RiFF RaFF is finally entering the lawsuit for incidents related to a visit to a Nevada brothel in 2014. The plaintiff, who refuses to be named, is suing the rapper for $12 million, a total accounting for medical expenses, lost wages, physical, emotional, and psychological trauma, legal costs, and more. 

The plaintiff, now in her mid-twenties, considered herself an acquaintance of RiFF RaFF's at the time of the incident. The two met at the Bunny Ranch Bar & Cigar in Mound House, Nevada, where she'd been dancing, and he, performing his musical repertoire, to a select crowd of invited guests. As per their arrangement, "Jane Doe" waited for RiFF RaFF outside the venue, with a friend named Sara. RiFF RaFF eventually turned up with a friend of his own, his musical partner in crime DollaBillGates, the four individuals thus forming an admissible double date scenario (by all accounts).

The lawsuit claims that a delirious RiFF RaFF forcibly confiscated their earnings then used them as collateral to gain sexual favors. The plaintiff and her friend Sara were carrying the dollar amount of their tips, after cashing out for the night. With the cash in his sole possession, RiFF RaFF is alleged to have been a series of unwanted advances, culminating in injury and emotional distress. DollaBillGates and Sara, acting as conduits to the investigation that ensued, admitted they all used copious amounts of cocaine throughout the night. 

We'll keep you updated on the proceedings.