If you've been paying attention to RiFF RAFF's social media accounts, you may have noticed he's traded drugs and alcohol for regular workouts. The NEON iCON has been (literally) flexing every chance he can get, and it seems the motivation for his sudden goal to become a beefcake has been revealed.

Wrestling OG Hulk Hogan has announced that RiFF RAFF is currently training to be his tag-team partner in the WWE. Through a series of videos, tweets, and Instagram posts, Hogan has also confirmed that RiFF will participate in the next Hulkmania event.

RiFF has echoed the wrestling legend's announcement in his own tweets and Instagram posts. So far, that's all the info we have, and while it could be some sort of publicity stunt, we wouldn't put it past JODY to pull something like this.

Check out the posts below.