Everyone is probably aware by now that Fool's Gold rapper Riff Raff has some eccentricities so to speak of. The rapper has "MTV", "BET" and other logos tattooed on his body and often wears his long hair braided, and that's just physical appearance. Despite his weirdness, or perhaps because of it, he's built quite the fanbase over the past few years, all of whom are anticipating his debut album Neon Icon.

The album which was supposed to drop in January received yet another push-back in recent times, and it appears that while we await Neon Icon's release, Riff has decided to try his hand at another genre of music-- country. Although we probably should be surprised, we're not. 

The rapper-turned-country-artist gave TMZ an audio clip of his country recording, which he says he's doing under the name of Jody Highroller. The Houston native's first country record was apparently produced by Dame Grease, and even Diplo is backing Jody on this one. The rapper told TMZ, "I love country music ... I'm good at it and it's a good fit." 

Give the song a listen below and let us know if you're supporting Riff on his latest endeavor.