An unnamed source is certain that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are romantically involved, telling People that they're reportedly a couple. When the world found out this supposed news, hope was restored in everybody that has been chasing after a crush for years and years.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been linked for the last several years, shutting down rumors that they were together on multiple occasions. When asked about whether he was dating Rihanna a while ago, Rocky had said: "I don’t even look at her like that. She’s sexy, but I’m good." Representatives for Rihanna also denied rumors that intensified this year when the pair reportedly shared a hotel room at the beginning of 2020.

We're yet to receive confirmation from either camp regarding the recent batch of speculation surrounding Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's relationship, but the world isn't waiting to hear from either party.

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The masses are seemingly overjoyed that Rih and Flacko are a supposed couple, jumping the gun and reacting to reports with glee. Some people are even saying that this situation has given them hope with regards to their own personal lives, freshly inspired to shoot their shot at their crushes and see what lands. A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have always been intertwined in dating rumors and the public has waited years to hear that they're officially together. 

Of course, there's a number of people that are checking on Drake after this, recalling his short-lived romance with Rihanna back in the day. While they ultimately did not last, their relationship was seemingly very passionate, and the internet loves to think that Drake stays in his feelings about their breakup.

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