This summer, a photo of Rihanna seemingly fighting with her boyfriend as they vacationed went viral for all the wrong reasons. Fans tried to figure out what the two could possibly be arguing about. Finally, the pop star revealed that their fight was fueled by the World Cup, which was in full swing at the time. Unfortunately, her explanation didn't quell the break-up rumors as Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have been reported to have broken up about a thousand times in the tabloids. The couple put the rumors to rest last night as they were spotted on a dinner date in Malibu.

RiRi and her billionaire boyfriend have been the subjects of many gossipy headlines but it appears as though the two are still together. They were spotted at a restaurant in Malibu as photographers were quick to shoot some footage of them walking out of the building. 

In case you missed it, Rihanna also confirmed that she will be releasing a new album in 2019. The topic has been juggled by the singer; she continually claims to be tired of all the questions about her upcoming work. Hopefully, her confirmation can calm people down for the time being. Are you looking forward to her next project?