The number of Rihanna's admirers is limitless, but one person who can't get enough of her is Seth Meyers. The Late Night With Seth Meyers host has never been shy about his crush on the singer, even telling Jimmy Fallon, "I'm fully in love with Rihanna. My wife is fine with it because she's also in love with Rihanna," he joked. "It's the thing we have in common."

Rihanna and Meyers have finally linked up now that she's appeared on his show, and Mike Shoemaker, the producer of Late Night With Seth Meyers, shared a behind-the-scenes shot of the two getting a little giggly on set. Shoemaker tweeted a photo of Rihanna chugging a beer with Seth by her side. He wrote, "Right now we are shooting @sethmeyers and @rihanna day drinking. Yes RIHANNA. It airs Thursday night on @LateNightSeth and they are druuuunk."

The Fenty beauty continues to make the press rounds to promote all of her projects, one that will soon hopefully include a new album. The singer's fans have been relentless as they've petitioned for her to get back into the studio and release a new record.