Rihanna is a well-known trendsetter. Whatever she does, people follow. While she's been in the music game for years, the starlet has transitioned beautifully to acting and modeling, acting as a cover star for several magazines in recent months. While we would be devastated if RiRi never picked up a microphone again, we're glad to hear the rumors about her working on two albums simultaneously. The newest cover that the self-proclaimed Bad Gal graces is Vice's GARAGE publication. 

Styled by Carlos Nazario and photographed by Deana Lawson, Rihanna looks as ravishing as ever in her cover shoot, sharing the selected photo that will grace the front page. She wears a vintage pink floral blouse and black briefs, showing off her legs in the process. As they were dealing with somebody who is at the center of all things fashion, GARAGE wanted to spice things up for Rih, which is the exact reason why they opted for vibrant looks from the past. The stylist said, "I felt like it wasn’t that exciting for her to only wear things that I’m sure she’s familiar with, you know?" According to Nazario, the top Rihanna is wearing is a piece from the 1960's.

Always thinking forward to what she'll do and wear tomorrow, Rihanna seems excited for her cover to release to the world on September 6. Check out a few more of the shots here and read the stylist's thoughts.