Do you have a cool $80,000 willing to spare in the name of Rihanna? Well, for those of you with a resounding “yes,” it’s your lucky day!

According to TMZ, the superstar’s Beverly Hills mansion is currently up for rent, offering potential suitors five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 7,628 square feet at their disposal.

Accompanying this handful of bedrooms is a home gym, pool, spa, and, perhaps the classiest touch of all, a gourmet chef's kitchen. As you could imagine, an overtly large walk-in closet built to home only a wardrobe as grand as hers' can also be found in the pad. 

After picking up the property for well over $13 million back in March, it's clear that she's harping back on getting something out of such a major investment.

This is coming weeks after the news that an unidentified man attempted to trespass onto another L.A.-based property of Rihanna's, going to show that while you may be in a bit of danger when staying at one of these homes; but, when looking on the bright side, that the Fenty-founder boasts quite the lofty real-estate portfolio. Fake answers only: are you planning on staying in Rihanna's house? No need to be humble, here.