If you never thought it before, then let us tell you it now: there's nothing Rihanna can't pull off. If you need evidence of this, let's take her Coachella get up from this weekend. While many festival goers opted for a revealing outfit or body-hugging get-up, Rihanna decided to not only cover up completely, but she also added a Gucci balaclava - cause why not?

Following up on her "Extra AF" outfit, Rihanna seemingly did a part two with an ensemble so out there that people didn't even seem to recognize. A number of videos have been posted via Twitter where Rihanna walks past front row fans in her Gucci outfit and no one seems to notice - this must have been on purpose.

I mean, okay:

Riri is seemingly having a great time at the festival as she was posted up front row at Beyonce's performance yesterday and has attended the festival pretty much every day. We see you Riri, keep doing you.