Mia Mottley has become the first woman elected head of state on the island of Barbados since it was handed sovereign status in 1966. What better way to ring the bell, than to receive words of encouragement from the most important figure in the history of the island. Rihanna jumped on Instagram penning a short paragraph alongside a photo of the new PM with her fist raised.

Mia Mottley's Barbados Labour Party (BLP) completely obliterated the opposing Democratic Labour Party (DLP) at the polls. Mottley is a 52 year old lawyer, who once told her teacher in secondary school that she was destined to lead the nation. Lo and behold, Mottley has made good on her promise. 

Rihanna's message was one of utmost positivity. She posted, "Say hello to my new prime minister and most importantly the first female prime minister of Barbados... the honorable Prime Minister, well deserved and about time! breaking barriers and making history in so many ways!!!" Rihanna has kept a foothold in her nation of birth, and spends a significant amount of time with her family who share her $22 million estate. Not to mention she creates a great amount of exposure for the tiny island, which continues to be a destination for tourists around the globe.