The campaign trail for the next Democratic nominee has been quite interesting. There are candidates from across America who are working to win over the Dems and ultimately overthrow Donald Trump as president. Unfortunately, many of the candidates are taking big Ls on their campaign trail. Although many have been riding with Obama's former vice president, he left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths last night while might have cost him his chances at becoming president.

Joe Biden may have "misspoke" where he said that "poor children are just as talented as white kids" but people aren't going to allow him to get away with this one. He's faced a ton of backlash online which prompted him to issue an apology. However, not many are willing to forgive him. After the clip emerged online, RihRih took to Instagram to bash Biden for his comments, claiming that what he said showed his true colors.

"Whoa! And he's convinced he said something great here," she wrote. "Even when they fake it, the truth about how they feel about us is blatant!"

This isn't the first Joe Biden's faced criticism for things he's said in the past. A few months back, the Democratic candidate bragged about how he went to the "hood" to teach women of color how to code. While he's efforts are applaudable, his choice of words were met with an audible "yikes" from the audience.