The #EndSARS protests intensify in Nigeria and more reports have surfaced about citizens being killed during the fight against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, known as SARS. It's reported that the police squad is known for its brutality against Nigerian citizens, their rogue activities, unjustifiable murders, and corruption. People have taken to the streets to protest, but many have shared on social media that certain areas have been prohibited from gathering and as a result, some have been injured or even killed. Celebrities have been asked to use their platforms to raise awareness about what's going on in Nigeria, and Rihanna has answered the call.

"I can't bare to see this torture and brutalization that is continuing to affect nations across our planet!" Rihanna wrote on her Instagram Story under a Nigerian flag emoji. "It's such a betrayal to the citizens, the very people put in place to protect are the ones we are most afraid of being murdered by! My heart is broken for Nigeria man!! It is unbearable to watch! I'm so proud of your strength and not letting up on the fight for what's right! #ENDSARS."

Recently, musician Tiwa Savage publicly asked Beyoncé—who she worked with on Black is King—to also speak out about the #EndSARS movement. Check out Rihanna's post below along with footage from Nigeria citizens who claim that they are being fired upon by police.

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