Everybody's favourite bad gal posted a series of photos on Instagram on Wednesday, showing off the new "Trouble" collection for her Fenty fashion line and flaunting her always-hot bod in a teeny, tiny bikini. The post consists of a few steamy shots of Riri going for a swim in the pool while donning a pair of the new shades, broken up by photos of the eyewear among other presumably-Fenty pieces, including a pic of the sunnies placed on an image of Frankenstein from her shirt.

Riri is clearly still ahead of the fashion game, along with dominating the makeup and lingerie industries with Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty. She also recently added "author" to her list of talents with the release of her "visual autobiography." Still, the mogul continues to be bombarded with demands for a new album, a trend that has been going on for over a year now. Though she has assured us time-and-time again that her next musical project is in the works and will be heavily Reggae-influenced, the Navy has become increasingly impatient, putting immense pressure on the star much to her annoyance. Riri has expressed that she is going to work on her music at her own pace as she tries to find "balance," and nobody can force her to release anything before she's ready. For now, though, we get some dope sunglasses and hot-as-hell photos of our queen.

The "Trouble" collection can be found on Fenty.com.