Rihanna has not been shy about her feelings towards those who have begged her relentlessly to release her highly anticipated new album. It's been almost four years since Rih's last musical project, 2016's ANTI, and though she has confirmed on several occasions that she's got a new album in the works, many feel that it's been taking forever and just can't seem to wait for its release. Rih enjoys messing with her desperate fans about their impatience with the album, and in her latest Instagram, she even threatened never to release it and keep it all to herself.

The post features a video that made its rounds on the Internet a little while ago and became an adorable and hilarious meme. In the clip, a little white dog aggressively bops to House of Pain's "Jump Around" in a cardboard box. Rih uses the video to joke about her reluctance to release her album, referring to it as R9 as it will be her ninth studio album, by captioning the post: "update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it." Though her "refusal" to release is obviously an exaggeration, the post made fans laugh and pissed them off at the same time. Rih's awareness of how much her teasing riles people up makes the post a work of art. In all seriousness, though, can we get an ETA, Rih?