Rihanna had people turning heads with her Brittish Vogue cover. While some were dubbing her looks as majestic, others were giving her the side-eye for allegedly appropriating Chola culture. While the claims of cultural appropriation is a completely different story, they are still addressed indirectly in this behind the scenes clip. Before that, Rihana talks artistic direction in collaboration with Edward Enninful. 

She first speaks of fashion photographer, Nick Knight.

"You're never gonna get tamed down with him [...] and I enjoy that. It's never a boring result."

Although the looks they were creating were quite edgy, the floral arrangements added a softer beauty to their esthetic. On a cute note, Rihanna reveals her love for flowers. Her appreciation for them seems to come close to her love of alcoholic beverages.

"I get so upset when I have to leave a hotel room with flowers in it"

She also opens up about her reasons for loving fashion.

"Fashion is one thing and style is a completely different thing. It's how you express yourself through fashion. And that's what I enjoy about it in fashion and makeup. "

Then the thin eyebrows come into play. According to the photograph Enninful holds up as Rihanna's reference, her inspiration came from vintage Hollywood. 

"It's very lady-like, but it's still punk"

The excerpt concludes with the pair's expression of appreciation. Rihanna is "honored" to be part of Edward's first September issue. He also shares the love.

"It's always a collaboration with you, that's what I love, from beginning to end. If you don't know, that's Rihanna."