Rihanna has been known for turning heads with her ever-changing looks over the years. I mean, who can forget when she basically invented red hair with she released Loud? Or when she made wearing different types of stripes to a corner store in order to flirt with rappers popular when she did “What's My Name?” What I'm saying is, the fashion crown kind of belongs to her, and yesterday, she wasn't doing anything to give it up.

Unveiling her newest Crop Over look in Barbados on Instagram yesterday, heads did definitely turn. They turned so much, in fact, that most of her fans experienced whiplash when they turned to social media to voice their reactions. First though, let's appreciate this year's look together:

And now let's gaze in wonder at her previous Crop Over selections, each one arguably better than the last:

Of course, her fans couldn't wait to express their love and devotion to RiRi on Twitter. The outpouring of emotion was strong with the comments, which made it clear that most social media users are ready to hand her an award for her outstanding contribution to society. On a scale of one to even, everyone basically couldn't.

As with any good set of Twitter reaction, there were some haters creeping around in the Twitter-sphere as well. From her aqua-tinted hair to the effect that her new "thick" physique has on a given woman's relationship (or lack thereof), not everyone was impressed with her Crop Over outfit.

Seeing how Rihanna has dealt with body shamers in the past, I wonder if she'd respond to a comment like that personally. Regardless, the opinion seems to be nearly unanimous: all hail RiRi.