Hollywood has lost another great today as it's been announced that legendary actor Rip Torn has passed away. Known for his comedic roles and quite a provocative reputation off-screen, Torn's career has spanned an incredible seven decades. The father of six, and cousin to actress Sissy Spacek was a Texas native who joined the military after graduating from college. After serving his time in the Army, he made the big move to Hollywood and, in 1956, landed his first role in a Tennessee Wiliams-produced film titled Baby Doll.

One of Torn's most notable roles was Artie on The Larry Sanders Show, but he has dozens of great parts under his belt. Here are just a few films you may remember him from: DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, Bee Movie, Men In Black, RoboCop 3, Freddy Got Fingered, Senseless, Disney's Hercules (he was the voice of Zeus), 30 Rock, and The Atlanta Child Murders.

As much as fans loved him on screen, his off-screen antics read as if they were crafted by Hollywood itself. He was once arrested for breaking into a bank while intoxicated thinking it was his residence. He once became angry on set and hit a director in the head with a hammer (the director later bit Torn's ear during a scene). Torn also sued actor Dennis Hopper after Hopper shared publicly that Torn pulled a knife on him while they were on the set of Easy Rider.

He wasn't a perfect man, but he was an exceptional actor. Rest in peace, Rip.