Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker left many questions unanswered and wasn't a satisfying ending to many fans of the saga. Although it crushed the box office, the finale was polarizing. No matter whether you loved the movie or you hated it, one thing bothered everyone: How did Emperor Palpatine come back from the dead? The villain died in Return Of The Jedi, and was resurrected for Rise for no apparent reason. He was not foreshadowed, so his second coming was unexpected. Although Rise runs for over two hours, fans didn't get an answer to HOW the villain came back. Now, ScreenRant is reporting that fans will get that answer. 

The site reports that the novelization of the film will contain the answers. The novel was revealed at the C2E2 convention in Chicago this weekend, and goes further into detail explaining a scene on Exegol. The moment comes early in the movie, when Kylo Ren arrives on Exegol and finds Palpatine. A passage from the novel was included in the report:

“All the vials were empty of liquid save one, which was nearly depleted. Kylo peered closer. He’d seen this apparatus before, too, when he’d studied the Clone Wars as a boy. The liquid flowing into the living nightmare before him was fighting a losing battle to sustain the Emperor’s putrid flesh.

“What could you give me?” Kylo asked. Emperor Palpatine lived, after a fashion, and Kylo could feel in his very bones that this clone body sheltered the Emperor’s actual spirit. It was an imperfect vessel, though, unable to contain his immense power. It couldn’t last much longer.”

Now that it appears cloning was behind the resurrection, does it make the film any better?