On the latest episode of BagFuel, Bay area R&B singer-on-the-rise, Journee, joined Hynaken and ES$O to discuss her upcoming album, her inspirations, and growing up surrounded by music. 

Journee, a 22-year-old singer and model from San Jose, CA, recently signed to 1801 Records following the success of her single “Like That” released in July 2020. The songstress and her captivating melodies were endorsed by Hitmaka, formerly known as “Sexy Can I” rapper Yung Berg

While discussing the rapid progression and success of her career, Hynaken asked Journee what motivates her to be a singer and pursue this art form, considering many people say music is basically a one-in-a-billion dream. 

“My Dad used to rap so that’s how I started,” Journee answered, “He has a studio in the garage so he kinda just had me out there.” The California native added that she recorded her very first song when she was 10 years old. Growing up, she was surrounded by musicians, including her grandfather who was also a singer, and it pushed her to become an artist herself. 

In addition to being influenced by her family, Journee named Beyonce as her idol. ES$O followed up asking if this meant she wanted to dance and act as well. 

“I wanna explore the different realms of the creative world, but I definitely want to learn how to dance,” the songstress replied. Journee explained that she can move a little, but wants to learn how to follow choreography and do some real dancing. She mentioned possibly taking dance classes and pursuing acting as well. 

However, Journee is currently focused on developing and honing her songwriting skills. On her upcoming album set to come out later this year, the songstress mentioned there are six songs: two songs she wrote completely by herself, two of them co-written, and the others were written for her. She also reveals that Ty Dolla $ign will be making an appearance on the project too.

ES$O applauded her work ethic saying that’s a lot of work that she got done during a pandemic, on top of her record deal and debut EP It’s Not You, It’s Me released on Valentine’s Day. 

“We have a strong collection of work, but we’re still working on it though,” Journee said. 

Watch the full episode of BagFuel below.