Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired this past Sunday after weeks of anticipation. Video clips of the event have since been made available online, including those of the show's musical guests. Here are three notable performances.

Leela James is a vocal powerhouse. Considering her immense talent, the singer's long-time fans might have been disappointed by the slight shakiness that peeked through her lines as she dodged some of the models' extravagant attire. This performance, which ended with the intensity she is known for, was one of the most high-profile televised experiences of her career, signifying a win for the entertainer regardless of any perceived flaws. 

Rita Ora's appearance added some edge to the event. The "Cashmere" singer came through with her live vocals, proving to her naysayers that her lipsyncing during the Thanksgiving Parade was, in fact, an exception. 

Halsey offered a performance she is proud of despite the scandal that followed the show's recording. The singer has since expressed her disagreement with some of the statements publicized by a lingerie company. 

“I have adored the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show since I was young,” she said. “However, after I filmed the performance, some comments were made regarding the show that I simply cannot ignore. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have no tolerance for a lack of inclusivity. Especially not one motivated by stereotype.”