A number of videos have shocked the world throughout this social unrest period in America. Some show protestors being violently dispersed with tear gas. Others show people being singled out in largely peaceful protests. And others show police officers smashing car windows for absolutely no reason.

The people that are supposed to be protecting us are seemingly more concerned with protecting public property, not caring much for the lives of people of color along the way. In Riverside, California, a peaceful protest was declared by the sheriff's deputies and, as they marched on live television, one deputy was seen smashing the window of a parked car for literally no reason. The camera stealthily panned out and zoomed back in once he had finished.

Looters have been active in Los Angeles and other Californian cities, but this one can only be blamed on the police.

Watch the video below and keep an eye on the parked car on the left-hand side of the screen.

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