RMR Pulls Out A Zelda Sword, Ultra Instinct Goku, & More For "In My Bag"

Alex Zidel
December 09, 2020 13:00

The mysterious RMR pulls through for the latest episode of "In My Bag", showing off some of his favorite belongings.

RMR is really about that life. In the latest episode of In My Bag, the mysterious rap artist pulls out a bunch of Dragon Ball Z and Zelda collectibles, proving that he lives by that code.

The elusive star-in-the-making is not your everyday rapper. He's not entirely consumed by designer goods and he won't be found carrying around bags full of hunnids. Maybe he'll have some twenties on him for everyday use, but he'd rather use Apple Pay, telling us that he's just not into flexing his stacks. Before he signed his deal, RMR copped himself a Fendi backpack, which he takes good care of. He's also got some Louis Vuitton luggage and a Burberry wallet, so, obviously, he's not averse to dropping money on luxury items. However, it doesn't consume his entire being.

The latest episode of In My Bag shows RMR detailing what he actually is about. He's always got two face masks ready to go whenever he needs them. That way, his identity is always protected. He also took the opportunity to show off some of his prized possessions, including a Zelda sword, Ultra Instinct Goku, and Majora's Mask. We've got a Zelda superfan on our hands, everybody.

Of course, RMR also keeps two extra pieces from his merch collection, titled Hotel, in his bag. He explains the significance of the name, saying: "It's called Hotel because, inside of a hotel, there's hella personalities and you never know who's behind each door. In life, you never know who people actually are. A lot of people are bipolar, a lot of people have multiple personality disorders, a lot of people are just, like, fake. A lot of people suffer from depression but got a smile on their face every day. Life is a hotel. So that's why I called it Hotel."

Watch the latest episode of In My Bag with RMR above, and check out his latest release "4th Qtr Medley" here.

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