Ro Ransom Issues Warning Over Edible Consumption On "How To Roll"

Aron A.
August 02, 2018 15:55

Ro Ransom had an intense high after eating edibles on the day Drake dropped "Views."

Ro Ransom's been on quite the grind these days. The Harlem rapper's been dishing out a whole lot of new music in recent times in preparation for a new project. Over the past few months, he's dropped off some dope tracks including "Wraith," a remix to Sisqo's "Thong Song" as well as the track "Floetry" that he recently released a video for. As The Mystery Boy continues to build anticipation for his upcoming project, the rapper pulled up on us for an episode of "How To Roll."

Ro Ransom pulled up on us for the latest episode of "How To Roll." While most rappers are typically on a veteran status of smoking, Ro Ransom admitted that he only began smoking consistently within the past six months. That's not to say that he never got high before. The rapper explained that he suffered a horrendous trip one day when he decided to throw back a bunch of Hershey edibles while he was in the studio.

"The first time I ever got smacked out of my mind because I ate an edible. I wasn't even a weed smoker yet and I ate an edible. It was the day Views came out, that's what I remember most about this day." He said, "it was insane. I was eating some Hershey chocolates and not being well versed in it, I was just throwing them back... If you're watching this and you're eating edibles, please start with one. Start with a small dose so you don't fuck your life up."

Ransom explained that after the engineer told everyone to chill out a bit on the edibles, his high kicked in full force and he ended up dry heaving on his knees while remembering his fourth grade crush.

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