Rob Gronkowski will follow in the footsteps of rich heirs and their fanciful hobbies by investing a minority stake in a 3-year old race horse. The horse was purchased by Phoenix Thoroughbreds, a global horse racing investment fund for a reported $400k and will feature in the order of participants in the storied Kentucky Derby, the shortest leg of the famed Triple Crown.

His interest in horse racing is entirely connected to the naming of the steed. After coming into the horse's possession, the racing investment fund placed the steed in trainer Jeremy Noseda's capable hands and gave him exclusive naming rights. Noseda an avid Patriots fan, decided to name the horse "Gronk" in honor of the Tight-End. Somewhere along the way, Gronkowski was either contacted or made aware of this "special" distinction, and he was presented with an opportunity to invest, causally buying into a partnership. According to ESPN, terms of the deal have not been made public.

Gronkowski has no prior experience in the field, and is treating the investment as a mere hobby. Admittedly, he hopes this opportunity will afford him the chance to ride horses on a regular basis. Gronkowski has not reported to the Patriot's offseason program and has previously hinted at a retirement from the game he loves. We can't help but wince at his mild flirtation with other occupations. Concussion protocol is real, and Gronk is looking out for number one.