Rob Gronkowski shocked the football world about a month ago when he decided to come out of retirement. He was eventually traded from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he will be reunited with his one and only quarterback, Tom Brady. Fans are extremely excited about his comeback and the consensus is that the Buccaneers are primed and ready for a playoff run.

Recently, Gronkowski was interviewed by Ellen Degeneres where he was asked about his decision to come back to the NFL. As he explained, Brady had a little bit to do with it although it ultimately came down to wanting to be closer to his family.

“You know, everyone keeps asking me ‘Did Tom (Brady) get you to Tampa?’” Gronkowski told Ellen. “Well, of course it didn’t hurt that Tom went to Tampa, you know, and the opportunity to go to Tampa was there too. But you know, Tom was like the appetizer, and then there’s a few other reasons. I love the weather. But the main course, the main reason why I came down to Tampa to play is because my mother live two hours away. She can get to all the games, all eight of our home games. Whenever I have days off, she’s two hours down the street and I get to see her. So she’s super excited.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Brady and Gronk can relive the magic of New England although we're sure they will be entertaining regardless.