Rob Gronkowski is enjoying retirement right now and has been going on a bit of a tour of sorts where he explains some of the dangers associated with football. While this may be the case, Gronk has been quick to note how he's not trying to discourage anyone from playing the game and, in fact, just wants people, specifically kids to know the risks involved. In an interview yesterday, he explained how he's been able to heal all of his injuries, even the ones he has sustained to his brain.

CTE has been a big concern in the football community lately and Dr. Chris Nowinski on Twitter addressed Gronkowski's claims, saying CTE can't be cured. This led to a bizarre response from Gronk where he claims he does have CTE and that he's cured it. What makes this even more bizarre is the fact that you can only be tested for CTE once you're dead.

Fans immediately caught on to Gronkowski's claims and were quick to call him out for spreading false information. CTE research continues to be done and while all the facts aren't known at this point, there are some truths that just can't be disputed. The Will Smith film Concussion would be a good place to start if you want to learn more about the origins of CTE.

Regardless, we hope Gronk is doing well and taking care of his body.