Rob Gronkowski is easily one of the best tight ends to ever play the game of football. When he came into the league with the New England Patriots, he made an immediate impact and he has continued to play at an elite level. After a brief retirement, Gronk eventually came back and linked up with his longtime friend Tom Brady, where they won a fourth Super Bowl together, this time on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Now, Gronk is a free agent and he has some massive decisions to make. While appearing on Kyle Brandt's The Ringer show "10 Questions," Gronk spoke about his upcoming free agency and what his plans are. As he explained, he would love to be back with Tampa Bay, although he fully plans on going through the free agency process, as it's the first time he'll ever be able to do that in his career. 

“I definitely want to be back with the Buccaneers. That’s where my eyesight is. That’s where I’m leaning toward, big time. But with the free agency process, you just never know what may happen. There’s some other teams interested out there, too. I’ve also never been a part of the free agency process, so I actually want to dip my toes in, just to see what’s out there," Gronkowski said. “It’s pretty rare to see someone to ever even finish a contract in the NFL, so that was pretty special there. But I’ve never been a free agent before, but I’m planning on being a free agent after every season. I feel like I’m a one-year deal guy for the rest of my career — even if I play 10 more years. I’m going to be a one-year deal guy, a free agent every year, and just control my destiny every year.”

Gronk is fully aware of the fact that his long-term deal days are over. Based on his comments, it seems like Gronk is simply in it to win more championships, which is all that really matters at this stage considering he has nothing else to prove.

Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images