Back in March, Tom Brady surprised the entire football community as he decided to move on from the New England Patriots in favor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Of course, the Bucs haven't been very successful over the last decade, however, it's clear that Brady wanted to leave New England and finish his career in a much less stressful environment. Since joining the Bucs, his former tight end Rob Gronkowski has come out of retirement and now, the two have been reunited as teammates.

Over the past week, both players have been enjoying their time at Buccaneers training camp, and today, Gronk was asked by NBC Sports about whether or not Brady is making good progress. As Gronk noted, Brady looks like a whole new person who is rejuvenated by his updated surroundings.

“From my eyes, just looking at him, he looks refreshed,” Gronkowski said. “He looks ready to go. He looks ready to play every single day, and he’s motivated every day. It’s nice to see. The way he just goes out there and works, it gets everyone better. … It just elevates everyone’s game when he’s out there.”

If Gronk is right, then the entire NFC South is going to have to watch out. It should be a competitive division this year and if Brady is on his game, he could make quick work of some of the teams during the regular season.